One of India’s Easiest Online HR Management & Payroll Software

EZHRM is a new-age, enterprise-ready HRMS suite that enables enterprises to automate their day-to-day HR processes, simplifies human interactions, delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces and achieve their strategic HR goals faster and smarter.

EZHRM is full featured HR(Human Resource) Management software that comes with Attendance Management, Leave management, Payroll Management, Expense Approval Management, Salary Slip Generation, Free Android Application and many more exciting features.

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mission & vision


Our Mission is to help each and everyone who can get benefited with the use of Information Technology in his regular business activities.

Our Vision is to enable various business entities to migrate from brick and mortar world to the digital world, which can assist them to expand their business and improve their current business process. We also strongly follow and abide by our values which are CLASS i.e. Caring, Learning, Achieving, Sharing and Social Responsibility. 


We understand that there are many, actually too many HR Softwares available in the market. Most of them are good, really good; however, we feel that the charges and the features available in the existing softwares don’t make sense. Either the softwares are too expensive or the features are too less, to add any value for any company. We have tried to add maximum features to EZHRM (which will continue to grow) and have kept the cost as low as possible, so that, we can enable as many companies as possible. 

Live video Conferencing With Real Time Interaction.

JOIN MEETING ROOM is a feature in EZHRM. By using this feature, meetings and conferences can be conducted by using live video and Audio. One can share the laptop screen and all other member of meeting room can view the laptop screen of employee presenting.  

A Complete HRMS Suite

Manage your entire employee lifecycle on one unified platform


EZHRM software solves the problem of ‘How to maintain employee’s records? HR Managers can maintain employees personal data, bank details, KYC documents, dependent details, emergency contacts etc.


Leave management system allows companies to stop all time-off abuses and implement company wise leave policy. Leave Management System helps both the employees and the employer to manage leaves.


EZHRM comes with online attendance management system that helps a company to keep a track of all employee’s attendance. It can be marked using Web App, Mobile App, Face Detection, Bio-metric devices, etc.


For large companies there are multiple HR Managers. EZHRM provides functionality to create, maintain and assign different roles to different managers, accounts department and employees etc.


EZHRM comes with HRM mobile application for employees of the organization. Employees can perform different functions with the help of mobile app related to leave management, attendance management and payroll management.



EZHRM is full featured HR(Human Resource) Management software comes with Attendance, Timesheet Time Tracking, Payroll, Salary Slip and more exciting features. You can manage & track your employee’s efficiency with this excellent tool.


Assign specific responsibilities to different users.


Every user can manage his individual information.


Leave management with complete reporting.


Task assignment and visit scheduling for each employee.


EZHRM is best Online Payroll Management software in India, It is a one-stop destination for your search as it possesses the most sought requirements of payroll management system. It’s a very simple, flexible and user-friendly Payroll Management software that takes care of all your requirements relating to accounting and management of employees, like Incentive, Reimbursement, Employee Loan, Employee Payslip etc. EZHRM is a right choice for automating your payroll System.

Attendance Management With Geo-Location Tracking

EZHRM provides functionality to mark attendance based on a particular location. Admin can add multiple locations, which are acceptable for attendance. This functionality is great for field services, sales staff, on-site support and in cases where work-force is spread across multiple locations. Furthermore, if configured, the EZHRM mobile application tracks the location of the employee and if the employee is present in the designated area (known as Geo-fence) at the designated time, then the attendance is marked.

Face Recognition Attendance System:

With EZHRM all type of companies can now easily manage their employees’ attendance, leaves and complete payroll data. Notifications are available in the system for various updates. EZHRM allows attendance to be uploaded using excel sheet. EZHRM is capable of connecting with many supported bio-metric attendance system too. Employees can mark their attendance using Mobile App which is equipped with Geo-Location as well as Face Recognition Technology. Another unique feature of EZHRM is that the system allows attendance marking based on restricted IP addresses too.  

Employee Expense Management:

With EZHRM Employees can be empowered with easy employee expense management system too. Employees can easily submit the expense bills using the application and the same can be reimbursed easily after approval from the immediate manager. The approved expenses are reimbursed as part of monthly salary automatically. Employees can easily track the status of approval/rejection of their expense reimbursement requests.

Employee Self Help Portal:

The purpose of any HRM solution is that we want to reduce the workload on the HR administrator and we want that all the employees should be able to take care of the regular tasks by themselves. That’s why we have provided Employee Self Help Portal, using this portal all the employees can do the regular task easily without any intervention or manual effort by the HR Executives. For example, checking their face, and applying for leaves, managing the reimbursement, checking the available holidays, or any other announcement from the organization. Everything is visible to them in their Self Help Portal itself which saves a lot of time for the HR Administration and motivates them to put their idle time for other activities that can help your organization grow.

Why Leading Enterprises Prefer EZHRM?

Return To Work, Made Simple

Be it work from home or staggered entry to office, manage all combinations of new working styles.

Intuitive User Experience

A mobile-first platform with a design optimized for best end-user experience and higher employee adoption.


Quick Implementation

Built to get you up and running within 15 days so you don’t lose out on real-time context.

Seamless Integrations

Our platform is built with open APIs that can integrate with any existing system in the organization.


World Class Data Security

Our platform is built to safeguard your data and complies with some of the most stringent and reputed standards globally.


Evolving & Upgrading

Get the latest updates and enhancements that we make to our product, every 4 weeks to keep you on the top of your tech game!


You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience, and an end product that is the best.
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