Assets Management

This feature of EZHRM keep the run time record of each asset of the organisation that are issued to the Employees. At the time of appointment mostly the employees are issued with some assets like Mobiles, Laptops, test Equipments, Tools etc. This activity is very well maintained in this particular feature. HR will assign the assets to the particular employee by entering the details of the asset.

The Asset issues to one can even be transferred to another employee in case of transfer, Resignation, Promotion, shifting of units etc. By this activity the entire history of the asset is maintained in the system and can be accessed to check at any time by an authorized person.

At the time of relieving an employee it can be checked what all assets are issued to the employee by going through the Asset record. No- Dues Certificate will only be issued only after successful handing over of the assets. Asset management will avoid the losses of assets intentionally or unintentionally. This will even help in audit of the assets on all types of Checks.

Add Company Assets


Assign/Reassign Assets