Via ESS (Employee Self Service), employees can quickly edit their personal details, seek appointments,  apply for holidays, change tax-related information, access important documents and view payroll history. They can also seek certain basic training via self service modules.

If you are still scared of letting employees do their own thing via ESS, here are a few reasons why you should allow your employees to be independent.

Using the ESS Portal HR managers get more time

One of the biggest issues that HR managers have today is that they do not have time to make and implement important policies. Instead, they spend a lot of time entering employee data, sanctioning leaves etc. If employees are allowed to do these things on their own, HR managers will have more time to make and implement policies and build real relationships with employees ESS Portal.

Increase productivity through ESS Portal

When employees work in a state of autonomy, they tend to perform better. When they are micromanaged, their productivity level goes down. This is why it is important to implement ESS and ensure that employees sense a degree of autonomy. This helps them to feel like they are in control of their lives and be more productive. After all, nobody likes to run to the HR manager for every trivial thing such as updating an address, which they can simply do on their own.

Employees feel more in-control

Psychological studies show that individuals who feel in control of their lives feel more positive about their lives in general. This is closely related to improved mental health outcomes, reduced stress levels and enhanced productivity. When you integrate ESS Portal with your HRMS, you effectively make your employees stress-free and allow them to be in control of their lives. This means, they will take their work and lives more seriously, which has a direct positive impact on your bottom line figures.

Data is always updated in ESS Portal

Often, employees refuse to update their information or report changes in address, name, tax information etc. to their managers because they simply don’t want to make that effort. When this is integrated into ESS, employees are more likely to update all their information and ensure correctness of data. In fact, by integrating gamification, you can even make database updating via ESS as a fun and motivational activity. This will help you to ensure that all your databases are regularly updated and that only correct information is stored.

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