Expense Approval Management

EZHRM empowers the employees with an ease of employee expense management system too. Employees can easily submit the expense bills using the application and the same can be reimbursed easily after approval from the immediate manager.

The approved expenses are reimbursed as part of monthly salary automatically. Employees can easily track the status of approval/rejection of their expense reimbursement requests.

EZHRM application allows the user to upload an image of the bill, which is sent for a reimbursement request. This helps in speeding up the expense approval process and the bills are kept on the server for any reference in future.

EZHRM provides the expense management add-on with special features like the expense for an employee can be approved by the immediate reporting manager. At each level of hierarchy, system administrators can put a limit of the expense approval amount. If the expense claimed is more than the allowed limit for a particular manager, he has to pass it onto his reporting manager in hierarchy. This arrangement makes sure that there is no mis-use of the expense approval authority at any level in the organization. This definitely helps curb any pilferation of funds in the organisation.