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EZ HRM is a cloud based hrm software with latest technology THAT automates the work of HR professionals of the company.


EZ HRM software solves the problem of ‘How to maintain employees’ records ? Manager can update employees’ personal data, bank details, documents and dependents details.

It is important for all type of companies to keep and maintain staff records. It allows companies to centralize confidential employee information and define access permissions to authorized personnel to ensure that employee information is secure and accessible.


EZ HRM software solves the problem of ‘How to maintain employees’ records ? Manager can update employees’ personal data, bank details, documents and dependents details. It is important for all type of companies to keep and maintain staff records. It allows companies to centralize confidential employee information and define access permissions to authorized personnel to ensure that employee information is secure and accessible.

Attendance management

EZHRM allows the user to mark attendance in multiple ways. For example, the attendance can be restricted based on IP or Geo-Location of the employee. The system accepts the attendance from authorized IP or from a specific location specified by the administrator. In case the attendance is marked from a non- valid location, it appears in the admin panel for approval.

Furthermore, the attendance can be marked using the usual biometric device available in the office or using the face detection technologies in the EZHRM mobile application.

Leave management

Leave management is a very basic task of an HRM system. In EZHRM we have added some value to the regular working of any leave management system. There are different rules available, editable for leave management.

The administrator can define unlimited types of leaves in the system. There are options to allocate leaves to the employees on a monthly or yearly basis. The attendance and leave reports are available for the whole organization as well as individual employees.

Payroll management

Managing payroll is a regular and little tedious task for every HR employee. EZHRM allows the Payroll Manager to generate all the payslips in a single click.

If any changes are required in the payslip, there is an option to do the changes and then freeze the payslip. The system also allows you to mark whether the salary is paid to any employee or it is still lying in the payable section.

There are different types of payroll reports which can directly be sent to your CA for filing ESIC or PF challans too.

Employee Document Management

EZHRM provides extensive support for employee management.

There are options to upload and manage all the employees’ documents so that in case of any audit you don’t have to search for the required documents. Apart from this, there is an option to add employee’s dependant details and emergency contact details.

These are helpful while applying for ESIC or any other statutory compliances.

Andriod Application

EZHRM enables its users by providing an easy to use mobile application with amazing features.
Employees can submit their reimbursement requests, upload their documents, check the holiday list, manage their profile and they can view the available leave quota and apply for the leave using the application itself.

In case they are working from home, it can be applied from the application itself. They can check their complete attendance history and enable or disable live location tracking using the app itself.

The main features are available in the mobile android app that is there on the web app so, the laptop and PC are not available then you can easily work with the android app.


Task Management

Task management is generally not a part of any HRM solution, however, considering that, this application is designed and developed for small and medium enterprises. It is a feature which is very much in demand, therefore, we have developed a section where the manager can assign different tasks to different employees.

There is an option to add reminders for such tasks. All the employees have an option to plan their day or week’s work in advance and their reporting manager can see their reports on daily/monthly basis. There are options to generate the monthly report for an individual person or the complete organization.

One more special feature is that EZHRM allows you to add your clients in the application and you can specify whether any of the employees has to visit the client. You can create such visit schedules in the system.


EZ HRM also provide solution to problem – How to reimburse employees for expenses? Our software comes with reimbursement feature in payroll management, here employees can apply to reimburse the amount of expenses done, same notification will go to manager for approval.

The reimbursement approved will reflect in the salary slip and the amount will be added in the salary.


Employee loan management in payroll software EZ HRM comes with Employee loan management feature in payroll management.

Manager can issue loan to their employees, EMI against the loan is created, which is automatically deducted from the salary of every month till the loan is not recovered. Loan amount, EMI amount and outstanding.


The purpose of any HRM solution is that we want to reduce the workload on the HR administrator and we want that all the employees should be able to take care of the regular tasks by themselves.

That’s why we have provided Employee Self Help Portal, using this portal all the employees can do the regular task easily without any intervention or manual effort by the HR Executives. For example, checking their face, and applying for leaves, managing the reimbursement, checking the available holidays or any other announcement from the organization.

Everything is visible to them in their Self Help Portal itself which saves a lot of time for the HR Administration and motivates them to put their idle time for other activities that can help your organization grow.

If any of the employee is contributing towards any CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, he can upload the images on the EZHRM portal itself.

This will be visible to other members and thus motivates them for such CSR contributions. EZHRM also allows the employee to join regular office meetings using the online waiting facility within the application itself.


Assets Management

This solution is designed and developed in such a way that it grows with the growth of your company. As the company grows it becomes difficult for the company to manage ‘which asset is given to which employee’ and ‘whether the company has received all the assets from an employee who just left the company.
Considering these requirements we have added a module called Asset Management in this system. Using this option, the HR department can manage all the assets of the company, allocate the asset to a particular employee and receive the assets from a leaving employee.

The system makes sure that the full and final document is not issued to any leaving employee until and unless all the assets are returned to the company.

Shift Management

For some organizations, the work is done in multiple shifts, so we have tried to manage multiple sheets within a day using the EZHRM solution. Shift timing can be flexible in certain companies, therefore, we have also provided an option where admin can provide certain time relaxation in the starting and ending of the shift.

Salary Composition

The payroll manager understands how difficult it is to design a salary slip and how difficult it is to manage all the components in a salary slip. In EZHRM, we have provided various salary components that can be configured depending on the employee’s job band.

The admin or if there are any specific deviations from Standard Some employees also have the right to change the salary composition. Regular deduction and addition in the salary are calculated automatically and the expense reimbursement or any bonus payouts are taken care of automatically by the system.

In case the employee has taken a loan from the company, the system allows the repayment of this loan in monthly installment.

Live meeting

In the year 2020, lots of things have changed and now most of the people prefer online meetings than physical ones. EZHRM provides inbuilt functionality to schedule and attend all your meetings from the software itself.

You don’t have to install any third-party application or any other component for attending such a meeting, it is the most used functionality nowadays and it seamlessly integrates with your Google Calendar to remind you about the meeting.

Another good feature of this component is that you can schedule recurring meetings and if required you can also send an invitation to external candidates from the application itself.

Role Management

One person cannot do everything and not everyone can do what one person is doing.
EZHRM provides the functionality to create as many roles as required by the administrator.

Options are available to allow for quick access for any particular section to each of these roles, it simply enables us to configure the idea that an executive should be able to view and access only that information which he is allowed to Everyone cannot be asked to do everything.


EMPLOYEE PAYSLIP Download, online salary slip generator

EZHRM software comes with complete payroll management, In EZHRM, the payslip of each employee can be generated online automatically from the attendance, leave and salary data already available in the software. Employees can also download their payslip from their portal.



Incentive salary structure Providing incentive to the employees of the organization is one of the best way to motivate them towards achieving organizational goals and providing their 100% effort. In EZHRM, manager can provide different types of incentives to their employees.


EZHRM comes with an HRM mobile application for employees of the organization. Employees can perform different functions with the help of mobile app related to leave management, attendance management and payroll management, which includes Marking their attendance, viewing the attendance history, applying for a leave, viewing leave quota and leave status, etc. EZHRM’s Android app is one of the best HR mobile app among the different hr apps available in India. The presence of best HRM mobile app makes EZ HRM software user friendly.