An employee attendance system plays an important role in any organization. The system is important in keeping track of the attendance and working hours of an employee. In addition to this, employee attendance software documents every break and leave taken by the employees. Although the employee attendance system has a similar function for different types of organizations, yet different organizations might use different types of attendance systems depending on their requirement. Attendance systems can be of varied types ranging from manual attendance register, online attendance management system to spreadsheet timesheet and time cards.
However, whatever the employee attendance system is, it should have certain features to work efficiently. Here are 3 features of the HR Management Software where you can easily manage employee attendance to produce accurate data. Take a look:

1. Attendance Management System With Payroll Software Integration

One of the most preferred features of the attendance management system is payroll software integration. It’s a general rule for almost every company to pay up extra to those employees who have worked harder and had spent an extra amount of time. Having easy payroll software integrated into the attendance system, an employer can maintain an accurate record of the salary and bonus of the employees. Every tracked time and activity remains recorded and it can be further used to send automatic payments.

2. Biometric Integration In Attendance Management System Gives Added Benefit

The biometric attendance management system is one of the most useful features of any employee attendance system. An organization’s attendance software needs to be compatible with different bio metric-integrated attendance devices such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, retina scan, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for a smooth migration. This integration prevents employee time theft by tracking employee working hours, login time, departures, breaks and time off without extra expenditure.

3. Incorporate Mobile Version To The Attendance System to Track Far- off Employees

Owing to the present day organizational arrangement, the workforce is much more likely to be scattered. Many times they work from their home or elsewhere, hence mobile integration with your time and attendance software will be quite beneficial. The Mobile version of the attendance system allows employees to input their timing. As an employer, you will also be able to monitor remote clocking in and get a bigger picture of the hours worked by the whole workforce not only of the on-premise employees but also of those who work from outside the office. Incorporating mobile apps have added advantage too – they may also include GPS tracking systems for worker safety and for location monitoring.
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