Live Video Conferencing With Real Time Interaction.

Live meetings with real time interaction. Admin can host live meetings through high quality video conferencing with employees engagement


Is a feature in EZHRM. By using this feature, meetings and conferences can be conducted by using live video and audio. One can share the laptop screen and all other members of the meeting room can view the laptop screen of the employee presenting.
The administrator can control the video, audio and he has right to Mute and Unmute as and when required. employees are also having the control to mute or stop video. This special feature takes very less bandwidth thus saves internet.
Work from home is no more an uncontrolled activity. Regular meetings during this Lockdown are still the reality. Employees will work from home and maintain the social distancing.
This feature is also available in our Android App so that unavailability of Laptop and less bandwidth is not a hindrance for the meeting. Utilize this feature for maintaining or enhancing the productivity of the employee during this Pandemic.