Punch With Selfie

This is a very special and latest feature of EZHRM. Attendance of employees by different medium is always a challenge in the organisation. Especially for the workers who are in the factory and their fingers are always with some or the other material. Biometric does not properly work in this condition. In this case either there is always a dispute or the disadvantage is taken by the benefit of doubt. This particular challenge is addressed very well by the Punch With Selfie feature. 

Either a tab is placed on the gate and the workers have to show their faces and immediately their attendance is marked. Social distancing is maintained and also attendance is perfectly maintained without a touch.

This feature is very helpful even for the employees who are either in the market always or have gone out of the office at odd timings. All these employees can mark their attendance by showing their face on our Android App. Attendance by Selfie. We also record the location at which this selfie is taken for attendance so that the integrity of the timings and location is maintained.

This feature can be enabled for a particular IP address also so that the attendance is marked only from a particular router. Which ensures the attendance is marked only from that particular location or Office. Very useful feature for the sales team and the organisation having different offices at different locations. All the attendance is collected at HO in runtime and can be monitored in runtime.