Role Management

In an organisation each department has their defined roles and duties to be performed. Even in the same department the employees can have different roles to perform. EZHRM software gives the option of providing access to only specific roles. For Example if one needs to access the attendance part of HRM and work on it, with the Role Management  feature it is possible.

First the different roles are created like HR Manager, HR Admin, Director, Employee etc. Now the different access is given to the specific roles.  After an employee is assigned a specific role, they will be able to access only those particular forms on the menu for which they are authorized.

Like all the employees will be able to see only their own leave record, attendance, etc. and can apply their own leave, reimbursement. But the HR Manager or Administrator is able to see the attendance, Leaves, Salary and other assigned details of all the employees. 

This way, we maintain the integrity of the software and maintain the secrecy of the work environment of the HR department.