1. Generate Employee specific salary with defined parameters.

2. Maintain your employees’ attendance request for the android app from attendance management.

3. In the job opening portal a job title column is added to check resume reference for the post.

4. Invite all participants for a meeting via mail. 

5. In the meeting room a new button is added to save the meeting in google calendar.

6. Google calendar link is updated in meeting invitation mail. 

7. Check-in and Check out has been shown on the employee portal according to the attendance mark.


1.Month wise salary transfer report.

2.Edit functionality is allowed in master department

3.Enable/disable allowed for master Incentives types.

4.Edit is allowed in master grade type.

5.Upload company logo feature is added in the company info section.

6.Create exit checklist for employee resignation.

7.Broadcast Sms/Email notification to your employees.

8.Employee can update their daily work report and plan for tomorrow.

9.Admin will get the daily work report of the employee.

10.Admin can also generate the monthly work report employee wise.


1.Reassign assets from one employee to another.

2.Update your assets details with description.

3.Report of all employees with complete information.

4.Employees attendance logs report.

5.In assets management a unique assets id column is added.

6.New button is added to delete future holidays.

7.Maintain flexibility in timing inside shift management.

8.Meeting delete button is added

9.Employee can send their Work from home request using android app.


1.Start hiring of the employees from the portal.

2.Generate offer letter and joining letter for the employee.

3.Shift management Module is added to manage more than one working shifts.

4.Manage employees overtime shift wise.

5.Create a live Video conference meeting with your employees.

6.Assets Management Module is added in hr section to manage all assets of company.

7.Assets assignment history is maintained. 

8.Employee can apply for work from home from the employee portal.