Employee On-Boarding

An HR executive understands how much time it takes for him/her to issue offer letters and joining letters to the new joiners. As this is the first document going to the new member of the team, we have to make sure that there are no errors in the document and it is sent on time.

In companies where the hiring is done frequently, the HR person has to juggle multiple roles and make sure that all the offer letters are issued on time, all the joining or appointment letters are issued on time.

We have provided an option in the EZHRM, Where HR personnel can enter the details of the new employee before he joins the team. This allows the HR personnel to create the offer letter from the system itself. Later on the joining or appointment letter can also be issued from the EZHRM itself.

The best part is that the details entered in the system, need not be entered again when the person joins the company. User can create an employee in the system using a single click and thus the EZHRM enables hassle free on-boarding for the new employee.