Live Location Tracking

EZHRM solution has a very unique feature of Live Location Tracking. Sometimes it is very much necessary to track the location of an employee where safety and security of the employee has to be ensured at realtime. Specially for providing the Private intelligence services, Life saving services and the services where the risk of life is involved. This feature helps a lot in this.

Also sometimes we have to keep a watch on the Sales Executives who may misuse the independence of hiding the facts of meeting the right customer and may use this for befooling the management. They can not go loose now and Manager or immediate boss can trace the movement on run time to see whether the travel is official or personal..

So this helps in proper utilisation of time and resources. This feature is achieved by giving a notification that –  “that you are being Tracked and switch on GPS” to the Employee who has the EZHRM Android app.  On giving permission to switch on GPS, the tracking starts and which can be seen at the main office/ HO  on Web Application. Management can have a complete information of travel on runtime basis on a click.