Time-Attendance management is a critical aspect for any organization and more so if they are using the traditional, time-card or register systems for capturing employee attendance. Accumulating attendance data for every employee at the end of each month and calculating salary on the basis of not-so-accurate data is a tedious task. The data is likely to be inaccurate because of malpractices that employees engage in, such as buddy punching, entering false in/out timings, etc.

Implementing attendance management software like EZHRM can make managing accurate Time-Attendance data of every employee easier for HR personnel. It also aids in quick and error-free payroll, reducing employee dissatisfaction and boosting employee morale. Having an automated system in place definitely has its advantages. Listed here are the major benefits that an automated attendance software can deliver.

Eliminates Buddy Punching

As mentioned earlier, implementing an automated attendance system ensures employees do not indulge in malpractices such as proxy punching. Today, most organizations have started implementing biometric attendance systems. In that case, the chances of buddy punching are eliminated as each employee will mark attendance with their unique credentials such as fingerprint or face recognization.

Furthermore, an automated Time-Attendance management system ensures that attendance events of each employee occur on the basis of the assigned policy.

Face Recognition for Accurate Identification

Face Recognition technology, a recently developed biometric credential has proven highly efficient and accurate. Up until now, a biometric fingerprint attendance system was used as a method for granting access and attaining employees’ attendance. This technology, built with the advanced algorithm gives an advantage of detecting the liveness of a person. It analyses the contours, shadows, depth and other aspects of a person’s face while identifying him or her as an authorized user. 

Additionally, face recognition is a contactless identification method, which makes it a perfect solution for organizations belonging to industries that are stringent in hygiene maintenance, such as healthcare and also prevent from coronavirus, COVID-19. 

In view of the coronavirus threat, The Centre on Friday decided to exempt employees from marking their attendance on the biometric system over concerns that it could end up spreading coronavirus, or COVID-19. The biometric system was introduced in 2014.

To prevent coronavirus, in terms of the advisory of the government issued to various departments/offices, marking of attendance on biometric machines and use of the same is being stopped in New Delhi with immediate effect till March 31, 2020. Attendance during this period is to be marked manually with arrival and departure time.

EZHRM, which is a mobile-based application with Face Recognition feature in which you can click a selfie and upload it to the EZHRM to mark your attendance. EZHRM provides advantages to enterprises as their employees can simply use their own mobile phones for marking attendance and gaining access to the premises. 

Since the technology uses the face/selfie of an individual as a credential, it becomes one of the most accurate methods for identifying a user. Hence, face recognition has also become one of the most popular forms of biometric time-attendance and access control solutions for the majority of the organizations and it could end up spreading coronavirus, or COVID-19.

To conclude, this technology is not just an accurate method of identification but also highly secure and stringent in hygiene maintenance, such as healthcare and also prevent from coronavirus, COVID-19.